Video: From Papa John’s to Uber: When CEO Scandals Go Viral


Jon Fortt, CNBC anchor and host of Fortt Knox, looks into how social media is influencing how companies respond to scandal. Joining him are Kara Alaimo, reputation management expert and assistant professor at Hofstra; Mike Jackson, CEO at Event Solutions International; and Jillian Manus, general partner at Structure Capital. CNBC's Josh Lipton joins from Intel headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Video: The Pet Economy: Tech & Billions


CNBC’s Jon Fortt, host of Fortt Knox, talks to the experts about how technology is changing the way we pamper, train and mistreat our pets -- plus, which indulgences are truly worth the money. With animal behaviorist and author Nicholas Dodman, expert dog handler Bill McFadden (who won "Best in Show" at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club with bichon frise "Flynn), and CEO Aaron Easterly.